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Principles of Laser cutting Answered

I have being repairing all forms of cutting & welding machines for some years. In my experience for example Plasma cutters work on a principle of momentous arc. This is formed by a High frequency arc it only gives you 30 milliseconds to start your current flow. Air is required to force this arc out of the plasma cutting head. Ok got your attention now getting back to a laser cutter it also uses air to force out cutting light to cut or engrave. so looking for more under standing to work on a problem.



5 days ago

Depends on the wavelenght.
Some lasers heat the material to melting the air removes the material for a cleaner appearance.
Other systems go directly to vapor temperatures and here the air is mainly used to get rid of the fumes and smoke.
In all cases the air flow is there to protect the lens and get rif of processed materails.
There is more but a lot really depends on the type of laser used.

Keith MichaelD

6 days ago

Trying to gain more understanding about its principles for my experience.