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Print to... a book? Answered

I have access to a printer, which can print on standard paper - but that's not what I want.
There are publishing houses (and Instructables!) that can print my text in a bound book - but that's not quite what I want, either (not yet!)

What I want is: a printer, that can take an empty, bound book (Moleskine for example)... and print in it.
Without damaging the book!

Has anyone made,or bought, such a printer?
At first I thought it would need to be some form of XY plotter, but a normal print head should do the job. The trick would be setting the page limits, holding the unused portion of the book, and to start the print at the spine.


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6 years ago

Look into updating those printers they use to print the balance and transactions in a bank passbook, although those are phased out for online statements.