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Printed Circuit Board Help... Answered

Okay I found this circuit that about Attack and Decay but I have no idea what it is...after research, I think its a effects pedal...(leave a comment if I'm wrong.) 

So, it is complex so I want to make this into a circuit board but am not too good so some help would be appreciated.  

Can anybody help???

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you read my image notes. They are very critical to the design...I think.


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9 years ago

Using 9.1 V zener will probably cause the BC109 output transistor to
always be turned ON ( conducting ).

If you order a couple of 8.6 V zeners now they will be ready when your
PCB is finished.


9 years ago

  1. It's an input see pic1
  2. Yes you need 15V, you could try 12V but the timing capacitor attack decay may not work as designed.
  3. That zener is the bias for the BC109 output transistor, don't change it.
  4. The attack, decay pots can be turn knobs or a dual pedal pot
  5. This is not a sensitive circuit you can build it on a perforated board, use an 8pin IC socket for the LM555 that way is more forgiving for you.

Reply 9 years ago

1. Thanks again...

2. I now understand but the 555 has a 15 volt voltage rating.

3. I have a 9.1 volt zener...will it work?

4. I know.

5. I'm too lazy...plus, I want to practice etching a board. Perforated is very prone to mistakes.