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Printer Problems Answered

I would like to know if someone would be so kind and help me out with this? I just bought a brand new HP OfficeJet 3830 all in one printer and have a problem with what HP is telling me how many sheets it would print.They say that it would print over 100 sheets on average (give or take) on one cartridge of ink but I got at tops 30 +/- and it was brand new everything. I don't do much printing at all and when I do its not pictures or anything like that that would use up a lot of ink so the first set should have lasted a very long time the way I print things.

I would like to know if anyone out there wouldn't mind drawing up some kind of explanation on how to build a page counter and how to hook it up to it? I don't know how to code yet because I am just beginning to learn all that and I have a very long way to go with that so it can't involve coding. Any help from anyone out there would be of GREAT GREAT help to me and it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again.



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2 years ago

When the sell a printer they put tiny ink load ! So you have to spend money soon..

Its like Kodak used to sell $5 boxy cameras so you would by their film an processing that was how they made money off of people..

HP is an inKodak !!!


Answer 2 years ago

as stated above, new printers do not come with much ink. That is for setup only and you have to buy more ink cartridges.