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Printer Stepper Motor Driver Answered

I recently "Recycled" (parted out/junked) some Hewlett Packard 600 and 800 series printers. It occurred to me that everything I would try to build (electronic and software drivers) already exists in the printers. The motion of the stepper could easily be controlled by sending print commands to the "printer:. The only "problem" I can think of is satisfying all of the fault sensors, eg. out of paper etc. Has anyone worked on this. Recumbent Bike Builders Rule!! Carpe Ductum



12 years ago

. You can usually find Maintenance/Technical manuals online that will tell you where all the interlocks are located and how they are wired. Luckily, most are just mechanical switches that can be shorted/opened as needed. . Not familiar with the H-P 600/800, but if they are lasers, be VERY careful as high voltage is present and the fuser gets real hot.


Reply 12 years ago

They are both inkjets. I tried HP online, they said I shouldn't take the printers apart. I asked them if they had a schematic. I am not sure the service center person knows what a schematic is!