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Printing my logo designs onto a usb flash drive any ideas? Answered

Hi guys,
I need to print some white graphics onto a flat black USB flash drive, I've included a picture. 
I'd prefer to do this using a silkscreen process of some sort. Do you have any ideas about the most efficient way to get this done.
I want to avoid Pad printing because of the high cost.
I have 200 to print on both sides (400 prints total). Let me know what you think, thanks!



4 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Stamping seems good for a few at a time, but not 1000-2000 units. I've been searching high and low for answers for this new project I'm working on, to no avail.

1) Is it even possible to screen print on plastic or acrylic?

2) I have thousands of prints to make. I need to print on devices that are flat but have three dimensions like the flash drive. They are very small.

My goal is to make a jig and print 20-50 of them at a time, hence screen printing.
Let me know if you have any other ideas for me.

Thank you!


4 years ago

If you have a 3D printer you could print you logo and dip it in whit ink and stamp it


4 years ago

Would use a stamp instead.
As you can't really cover up black the paint must be quite good in terms of covering.
Silkscreens can cause a lot of work while a stamp jus requires a "press" and a mount to put the part in so all aligns good every time.