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Printing to scale. Answered

I often want to print a diagram to scale. Often times the diagram is also larger then the sheet
of paper. ( A sample diagram is at:
. If you want to see other similar diagrams you can look at:
Though not all the diagrams I want to print are boomerangs.

I am using Debian Etch, Cups, Gimp to modify the images which I save as postscript then print via lpr.
My printer is a Lexmark Optra E312L, which can handle both pcl6 and postscript.

I print the diagram once, measure something and figure the scaling factor. I then use Gimp to scale.
Sometimes I just save and print sometimes, sometimes I break it up into overlapping parts and print.
In either case the result is the same. Either the diagram gets shrunk to 1/4 it's size ( even though I blew it up), or the daigram it off by a bit, no matter how I tweak. it seems not to be predictable either. Worse when
I try to line up two overlapping printouts the size don't match, so I can't really join them.

Can someone show how to use Gimp, cups and a postscript printer to print something to scale. From everything i read I should be able to do it, but I guess there is some piece of software in the process that
is saying "Guy is too stupid to print it up right, I have to rescale for him".


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11 years ago

I see adobe viewer works in linux and when you click print .
I select comments an forms to document
then page scaling to none.
I see in the cups printing their is a % but it seems hard to fix maby try printing grids and find the magic scaling to fix that.
Otherwise if your using ubuntu maby system administration printing ... their might be something their but I do not have a printer to try it with. This is very important for machining & printed circuit board cad.