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Private Instructable Answered

I have a private Instructable pending. I want to click "publish," by force of habit after 121 public 'Ibles, but I want to know if that will make it public again. I do not want it to be made public because it is a guide for my business affiliates, and if it were made public it would be spam. Please let me know if clicking "publish" will mess it up, thank you!

This is only the second private Instructable I've made, and the first one to be published. 



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I'd love to learn about this as well... Lemme know if you ever get any info.

You also might just want to email 'ibles, they usually get back to me within one or two days.


Reply 6 years ago

Hey, Red, I actually figured it out. I clicked published and nothing changed, but now instead of beiny a draft it's marked as a complete ible under "private" in my profile.