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Prize Claim Process Answered

I am a little confused about the prize claim process.  I got a PM with a link, went to the link and filled out the form and clicked "accept."  But it was kind of weird that I didn't get any acknowledgement that I submitted the form.  Also, for an Instructables prize pack prize (which includes a shirt) shouldn't they ask for a shirt size?  When/where/how do they do that?  I guess I am just worried that maybe I am missing something. Or that the form isn't being submitted properly. Or maybe I'm just being impatient.



7 years ago

Did it look like the form here? The shirt info has been the last question when I have completed these.

It isn't intuitive, but you should be able to edit the info regardless. You can just go back to the form from the link they sent and edit it.

Also, just and FYI, often the prize pack shows up quickly, but the other prize can take a few weeks...may or may not be in your case, but just don't panic if it takes a bit!