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Pro Account Getting Ads Answered

I have a pro account but I'm still getting ads on the instructables front page. Is something wrong with my account, is something wrong with the ad, or is instructables slowly beginning to add advertising to pro accounts?

The ad appeared in the spot where cool instructables and new contests are usually displayed:

In any case, I'm really disappointed. First, admins censor my and cammers' comments on the ikea contest, and now this! Seriously?



8 years ago

Please accept my apologies about that. We had those ads targeted to pro members by accident. PM me and I'll give you a 1-year pro code to say sorry.

With a pro membership, you should only see ads for stuff on Instructables in our normal ad units. Anything else is a mistake. We currently have the language about "less advertising" rather than "no advertising" because I foresee a situation where we want to run an ad using a system outside our ad server, which will make it technically difficult prevent that ad from showing up for pro membership. For example, something like a special background image ad on the homepage, or a special tab (like where Halloween currently lives) that leads to a sponsored page.


Reply 8 years ago

glad to see your planning ahead on your ads. It shows you plan on being around a while.

I wondered why I suddenly got such a large ad on my screen but I do not think it was enough of a bother to get a full years membership.


8 years ago

If I forget to respond in the next couple of days, please remind me. I'm going to ask around the office and see what's going on.