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Pro member's discount and other Answered

I was looking through the discounts that pro instructables members get (which I am). I saw a 10% off your purchase from adafruit. It said that you can only use it once but I have never used it before. I was trying to buy an arduino uno, full sized breadboard, and breadboard wires. When I entered the code that I got (which I wont say on here but private message me if you need to know it) in the "enter gift certificates or discount codes" box in your cart it says invalid coupon code.

Away from that, On the iOS app running iOS 6.1.6, there are many glitches in the app. One of them is that in the contest tab, it only shows some of the current contests, none of the finished and rarely it will show one that is being judged or open for voting only. Then it doesn't show all of the contests. For example, today, 6/30/14 at 4:30 pm Pacific time, It shows 15 out of 23 contests. It shows the contests: squeeze ore out of summer, Epilog 6, summer #mikehacks, paint it, great outdoors, lego, knex, metal, home tech, hair and makeup, concrete, glue, bbq, swimwear, and battery contest. The ones it doesn't show on the app that appear on the website are green design, launch it, wheels, outdoor workshop, bees, tarun featured author, r/c, and pallet contests. 

Some website problems are also there, Often times you will have to click search twice because the first time it will just go to the featured page. You also have to click twice to place a comment.

I'm not sure if this is a bug but I posted a Q and A topic about how I haven't got a medal for different things like being featured and getting views and also comments. I've got one featured and about 13.5k views. I should have two bronze medals. In the Q and A topic someone answered that I might not be able to get them for a certain amount of time: e.g. a year, I've been a member for about six months, so I thought that might be true.Then I saw that Bhawya already has 6 achievements including 3 medals, and she has been a member for less time than me.

Also, a suggestion, it would be nice to have forums, groups, and Q&A on the iOS app. And a collections section.



5 years ago

We are in the process of updating the pro-membership discounts. I will private message you the new code for Adafruit.


Penolopy Bulnick

5 years ago

I've passed along the issue with the Pro discounts.

For the app, have you updated it recently? I believe we had a release very recently and I went to check and I am able to see all of the open contests, the 1 contest in judging, and the recently closed contests.

Is the click search twice issue on the app or on the computer? If the computer, what browser are you having the issue with?

Every user has the opportunity to get 3 different types of medals. Comments, Views, and Features. These are for your account as a whole. Each one won't show up until you get to the bronze level. Bronze levels are more than 10,000 Views, 100 Comments and 1 Featured Instructable. So since you have only 1 Featured Instructable, you won't get that medal until you have 2. And you need to post over 100 comments to get the Bronze for comments.

Any other achievements have to do with winning contests.

Did I cover everything?

pucksurferPenolopy Bulnick

Reply 5 years ago

my medals thing appeared so that's no longer an issue. I will have to check if I need an update for the app and the double click was for google chrome on a windows 7 computer. And also on an ipad w safari