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Probem Statment for innovation/invention Answered

Im currently enrolled in an Engineering design and development class for school. The class is broken into groups and each group comes up with a problem statement.

Each group then works on the project in depth all year. My group is having a hard time coming up with problems that need solving.

Some of our ideas are:
Space efficiency
alternate uses for "X" materials
clean transportation/energy

Any ideas are welcome and much appreciated


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6 years ago

efficiency: aerodynamic car body which is still practical.

or semi-trucks? how much fuel could be saved by streamlining that box end?

clean energy: is it possible to make a quiet clean burning 2-stroke engine? much of the 3rd world uses em in transport. Suburbia seems always abuzz with leaf-blowers. Those things pollute more that cars, and can be heard blocks away. I hear a lot of complaints about em. Or could you make a battery pack blower just as powerful, light, and convenient as 2-stroke?

solar cells: can you get a wee bit more power for the dollar?


6 years ago

Storage and transport of vaccines/medication in under-developed areas.

Clean water in flood-hit areas.

Air transport that needs neither fossil fuels nor helium (helium is a limited resource, required for medical imaging).

The next generation of clipper ships (fast sailing cargo).

We have robot vacuums, robot lawn mowers, why not some sort of robotic snow clearing or path defrosting?