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Problem - Reusing an image from the Library and editing it's tag edits all Instructables using that image Answered

I don't know if this has always been this way, or it might be new, but I just noticed something that for me is a big issue.

Sometimes I reuse images from my graphic library of images I've previously uploaded to Instructables for use in other tutorials. That sounded like a great feature. However, I just noticed that if I use the same image in two or more instructables (selected from the library), if I edit the text boxes in one, it modifies the text boxes in all of the images. What a disaster! Now I have no idea of what Instructables I've screwed up in the past thanks to this. Sometimes I might want an image for one reason, and later I might want to use it to call out a whole different issue.

Please consider correcting this. I thought the point of the library was to avoid uploading duplicate content to Instructables servers. Now I'll have to upload the same image as many times as I need to reuse it, since by default I intend to use different call-out boxes (or however they are called on them).

If I'm getting this wrong, and this bug is actually a feature, please let me know how I am interpreting this issue the wrong way



1 year ago

This has always been true, and has been reported before. It is also the case that image text boxes appear in full size images but not others, so you can't be sure that they will be seen. My "solution" to this is just to stop using them, with the suspicion that they might just disappear in an update.


Reply 1 year ago

What a pity. It would have seemed like an excellent way to save server space, but it seems it's not usable. I guess I'll have to just disregard the image library completely.

Completely unrelated but, I also wish there was an option to see which images in the Library aren't being used at all so they could be selected and discarded. More so no that I'll probably be uploading a lot more duplicates.

Anyway thanks, at least now it's confirmed for me.


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Code monkeys (ours) are not allowed to waste time thinking about server space or a friendly product..

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1 year ago

I keep my own image library, on my unclouded XP on two separate drives.