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Problem removing a glued on bearing from glass Answered

I am a bit stuck and usually this does not happen too often :(
Got a lazy Susan with two glass plates and the bearing sitting in two aluminium disks.
The thing still works fine but the plates were never really centered properly.
Starts to drive me nuts that it is always "wobbling"...

My first attempt was to figure out if the glue might just be hot glue, so I gently heated it all up.
Was a not go but didn't expect it to be that simple.
Next try was to use some clay around the aluminum disk and then fill the dam with acetone to dissolve the glue.
It did not even soften it a bit :(
To make it complete I also tried it with Methye Ethyl Ketone as it never failed me but it seems the glue used is chemical resistant.

In terms of echanic tried with a thin bladed tool but can't get it into the non existing gap between glass and aluminium.
And even braided fishing line seems to fail as after about 20 minutes of trying to get in the glue I got nowhere.

My last resort would now be to put it in the oven and slowly heat it up until the glue fails.
Problem is that I highly doubt the Lazy Susan is meant to tolerate this and that it will crack.
There is also the bearing and possible grease to consider as I have no clue yet whether or not I can take the disks apart to get to the bearing.
Is there any good idea or tip that I missed that I can try before risking to heat it up?

In case you wonder: The disk is about 5mm out of center...


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1 year ago

To follow jacks comment: Yes: Put it in water and heat the water.
I think you may even go further: Put ONLY the foot (Aluminium) into the water and leave the glass outside. The heat should propagate to the glue thru the aluminum quite good and the temperaturedifference would be even greater (Hot/boiling water vs ambient-ish).
You may even put a coldpack onto the glass to get an even bigger differential...


Reply 1 year ago

Thanks for the good ideas guys!
I found and old drum at the wreckers that was big enough for the plates while still being able to fit in the oven.
Cut the bottom 15cm off the drum and used it as a try to heat it all up with water.
First check was after about 20 minutes of the water boiling - no change.
Tried again half an hour later but still no go at all.
With not much to loose I then took the drum-pan out and while all was still hot placed the susan in the oven directly.
Slowly increased the temp to around 160°C, at which the oil or grease in the bearing started to smoke.
All glues I had to deal with so far would have turned into some sticky but more or less playble substance.
Whatever was holding these disks to the glass however was still rock hard and did not budge to any attempts to get it off.
Gave up and left it too cool on a wooden plate.
10 minutes I got a loud bang and what I found after was shattered glass.
Both disks turned into tiny pieces like you expect from tempered safety glass - except for that round bit attached to the aluminium disk ROFL
The boiling did not damage it, the heating did not either but now I now it is best to let things cool down in the warm oven LOL
Need to find a replacement now.

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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Maybe submerge in water, then heat the water to boiling?

I mean, I kind of like these ideas involving heat, because I am expecting the aluminum to expand faster than the glass, and maybe break the glue that way.

The idea with submerging it in water, is just to try to keep the temperature uniform, and never greater than the boiling point of water.