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Problem with Links in Ible Editor Answered

Hello fellow Makers!

I've been following Instructables for few years but only started to become an active member in the last year and have been posting few ibles. So I'm a newbie in this stuff. A problem I had is that whenever I add a link in the editor, I cannot make it to open the link in new tab. What I normally do, I add the link, give a name to that link, and tick on the box at the bottom that says "open link in new tab" and press insert. However after saving the draft and publish it the link didn't open in new tab (I'm using Chrome). It open in the same tab instead. 

Am I doing something wrong here?

-clueless soul-



2 years ago

Nothing that you're doing wrong, this has long been an issue here. It seems the open link in a new window option just doesn't work.

Ticking the box should add the following attribute to the HTML code:


..if you click the HTML view button in the editor you'll see that everything is as expected up to this point, even if you move between steps and save the draft everything still appears to be fine. However, if you re-open / refresh the draft that attribute disappears. I've tried adding the hyperlink HTML code to my I'bles manually, but the problem still occurs. I'm guessing it's just a bug.


Reply 2 years ago

Good to know I'm not the only one having problem with this thing. So, it's a well known bug. Hopefully they fix it soon.


2 years ago

I don't think so. I think I've seen another post, and I have this issue too.

Why not make all of the links open automatically in a new tab? That's what I do anyway...