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Problem with wireless bell Answered

I am in confusion. Actually i have a wireless bell but of shorter range. So i thought to extend its range. I want to add one more pair of receiver and transmitter in the way. So when bell button is pushed, transmitter will send to receiver and receiver will complete circuit of transmitter and another signal to other receiver of bell. So it will double the distance. If it is possible kindly help me out. I am new in this field so explain me and tell which parts i need to buy.
Thank you.


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3 years ago

I looks like there is an antenna loop on the circuit board for the button and a receiving coil in the receiver.
Quite old style but also pretty simple in terms of fault finding.
Adding a repeater will be a big problem and it might be cheaper to buy a bell with a longer range or to use wires.

however, your button circuit board is so old scool and simple that whoever designed it allowed for a manual tuning of the system :)
You see that little green box with the "screw head" on top?
This is an adjustable capacitor for the finetuning of the frequency in use.
My alarm for the car is of the same age and design for the remote lol
Place your bell where you need it and take the trigger and walk away from the bell until you reach the distance limit.
Take a screwdriver of suitable size and adjust the screw a TINY bit to the left - or to the right.
If after this adjustment you no longer can activate the bell from where you are standing (same sopt that just worked before the adjustment) then turn again but in the other direction.
To be clear:
For example you found the distance that is at the max and allows to just activate the bell.
Go a tiny bit further and it no longer works.
On this spot you turn the screw a tiny bit.
If you then can't activate the bell you turn in the other direction just a tiny bit over the original spot.

Unless your system was still well tuned you can improve the reception this way often by a few meters.
On a bad system that only got you around 5 meters before you should be able to get 15 to 20m of working distance.
Using fresh batteries for this is of course recommended.