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Problems with Nikon D7000 Continuous Shooting? Answered

When I put my camera on shutter priority and continuous high, the camera takes the pictures but the images come out VERY VERY dark

I haven't changed any settings in the camera (I have the same problem in continuous low option as well)

what is the problem?
am i missing something?
is there a trick?
what should I do?

p.s. i am unable to do burst shooting when the (built in) flash is on (is this normal?)


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8 years ago

Sounds like your shutter speeds are set way too high. Try setting them lower (as you are is shutter priority the shutter will work only at the set shutter speed- it will not auto compensate like a P or Auto mode).

Usually a setting of 1/200 of a sec is good for indoor lighting, but a lot faster if in bright light, and a lot slower in lower light.

and as for your ps, that is perfectly normal. The time it takes for the flash to recharge probably offsets any burst shooting you could do.