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Problems with Rapid Fire Xbox 360 controller, what am I doing wrong? Answered

I am trying to mod my controller, and have seen many videos, tutorials, sites, read tons of comments, etc. and i have tried everything... i just cannot get the button to work! I am testing every new way by placing wires on the points and hitting the button before i solder, but i get nothing... not even a new trigger! Also, i have checked my controller and i meet all requirements. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? My controller is one that has a D21. Please help, I want to finish!


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11 years ago

i was having the same problem. i hooked up a different switch and soldered one end of the first wire to the middle prong of the RT button,and the other end to the switch. then on the other wire i soldered one end to the switch and the other end to the ground prong of the left rumbler. there is two prongs right above the motor on the left that has the bigger weights on it. you want to solder to the prong on the right.