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Problems with instructables on iphone 3g Answered

ok, the following bug was experienced on the iphone 3g while i was connected on a 4 bar edge connection. I logged into instructables.com and replied to a comment with superjustin 18. or at least i tried. the first time i tried to reply, the safari browser closed automatically and i was taken back to the home screen before the text box showed up. the second time, i could type a reply and i hit "post comment", but while it was loading, the browser quit again, and i was taken back to the home screen. however, a quick check under my computer shows the comment made it through safe on both counts, when i reopened safari, i was logged out, even when i checked remember could this please be fixed soon? thanks if you can!


DJ RadioPlasmana

Reply 10 years ago

yeah. i tried going to other sites, and it works there


10 years ago

it's the iphone, not the site, right?

and btw, i'm so jealous, lol