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Problems with setup for RC plane ESC, motor and battery Answered

Hi I'm fairly new to RC world and i just ordered some parts for my first plane.

I ordered Nano Tech 3S 11.1v 1.3Ah 45-90C battery, 30A Brushless ESC with BEC and BR2205 2300KV 2-4S motor.

As i understanded from internet continuous battery discharge load is suposed to be higher than ESC amperage which is supposed to be higher than motor current load.

I expected this setup to function properly and to control it with fly sky FS-I6, but when I hooked ESC to battery(still didnt connect motor) I saw that ESC wasnt supllying 5v from BEC for my receiver. Later I tried running motor with Arduino which would send PWM signals, but motor didnt run and esc on all three wires was giving out ten volts.

Is ESC fried somehow? Did I choose compatible ESC,motor and battery?

Again begginer here, just trying to make his first plane fly .

If anyone has any tips or suggestions on why I have these problems please try and help out.

Thanks very much!


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