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Problems with the formatting of ePubs on Nook Color. Answered

I got excited when I saw the ebooks the site now has. I downloaded a bunch of epubs for my Nook Color. Well, the first problem arose when I put them on the device and saw that most of them just have a random picture from one of the instructables in the book as the cover instead of those nice covers you made. Then I when I get inside the book, you can only see about a third of the cover image (it's way oversized). Also, the text is far too small and can't be change in size and, finally, most of them seem to get to a certain image on a certain page and no matter how many times you swipe to the next page, it's still the same image. You have to actually go to the page search to put it forward.

I know it's a new thing you guys are doing, and it's a fantastic idea, but I'm just having huge problems on my device for it.


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9 years ago

Anybody know what the problem is?