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Program Feedback Answered

What's it like to be an Artist in Residence at Instructables?  Don't ask us, ask our previous residents!

Being an artist in residence at Instructables by Samuel Bernier
Jayefuu as Instructables' Artist in Residence by James Williamson (Jayfu)
Last Day at Instructables by Kelsey Breseman (SelkeyMoonbeam)
y time as an AiR by Mark Langford (Kiteman)
y Summer as an AIR at Instructables by Gabriella Levine (gabriellalevine)
ield Report - Mads Hobye as an Artist in Residence by Mads Hobye (madshobye)
My Month at Instructables as an Artist in Residence by Tom Flock (Tomdf)
hat it's like to be an Artist in Residence at Instructables by Tim Wikander (timwikander)
eflecting on my AiResidency by Taylor Cone (tcone)
he worst time of my life by Mario Caicedo Langer (M.C. Langer)
ozzy13's AiR Experience! by Adam Fasnacht (Fozzy13)
Masynmachien's time as an AIR  by Yvon Masyn (masynmachien)
y 2 Months as an AiR by Tess Howell (Tessalene)
An embarrassment of riches by Rachel McConnell (rachel)
y experience as an AIR by Tanner Welch (Tanner W)
The AiR05 - designed and built during Q4:13 by Timothy Lipton (timmylip)
iving Salad, makerbot songs, and noodle by Lauren Mccarthy (lmccart)
ow to got to Maker Heaven by Mikaela Holmes (MikaelaHolmes)
Crazy, Amazing and Delicious AIR Experience by Rima Khalek (rimamonsta)
Autodesk: Art Residency of Generosity by Scott Kildall
utodesk Artist in Residency by Anouk Wipprecht (anoukwipprecht)
Duck Confit, Perfected by Aaron Geman (aaron_geman)
Pier 9, I've never met anyone quite like you before. by Andrew Maxwell-Parish (ElectricSlim)
To Pier 9, Thank for Everything by Thiago Hersan
y Introduction to the 21st Century by John Whitmarsh
My Autodesk Residencyby Benjamin Cowden (tinkertinker)
Talking about my Summer by Laura Devendorf (LDevendorf)
Pier 9 is a Disneyland for Makers by Alejandro Palandjoglou (alepalan)
Reflections on Pier 9 Residency by Andreas Bastian (andreasbastian)
Making the Most of Your Time Here by Will Buchanan (buchananwp)
Reflections on the Pier by Reza Ali (syedrezaali)


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