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Program to crop video according to movement? Answered

Does anyone know of a freeware program which will crop a video clip according to the section of the frame where there is motion (eg track a person walking across a room from a fixed camera)?



6 years ago

I would be surprised if there was since that is a frame-by-frame operation. You could do it your self, cropping each frame by hand, for free but there aren't a lot of good free video editing programs out there, at least that I've found and tried, so an automated version is unlikely.


Answer 6 years ago

I know that there are programs which can detect and track motion. It seems as though a program like described above is just taking this to the next level.
Cropping each frame would take forever and would defiantly not be worth the effort.
Does anyone else have any ideas?


Answer 6 years ago

No, he is right. As someone who does multi-media production for part of his living, I can say that although it takes time, there is really no other way than keyframing. You don't necessarily need to go frame by frame, but keyframing does take time, and the more frames you keyframe, the better it will look. I also don't know of too many good freeware video editors. The other problem is pixelation... depending on how far you are looking to zoom in (doing it right the first time is the fastest and most professional way to shoot a video... plan your shots ahead of time).

Look into cyberlink powerdirector... it's probably the cheapest and fastest editor for what you are looking to do. If you are running XP, look at Debugmode Wax 2.0... it's been so long since I used it that I don't remember if it had zoom capabilities; but it stopped working after XP. Even in XP it was pretty unstable.

I really never used iMovie, so if you have a mac you could see if iMovie has those capabilities, but I doubt it.


Answer 6 years ago

Oh, and debugmode wax is freeware... it was an attempt at an opensource video editor. Forgot to mention that.