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(Beginner) Programmable RGB LED Strip with Ardunio? Answered

Hi all,

I'm new to arduino uno. And I'm thinking to use an ardunio to control a Programmable RGB LED Strip, like making it change its color/the speed of the lights.

Are there any simple tutorials/tips related to this to guide me?

Question 1:
I have look into a library called FastLED. If i'm not wrong, the library can be used to control any kind of programmable RGB LED strips? What do I have to look out for when purchasing a programmable RGB LED strips? Model number? Brand? (First timer here)

Question 2:
I would like to know if I’m able to control the rate of the lights with NeoPixel/FastLED? (for example, the lights lit up from the beginning of the LED strips till the end of the LED strips)

Thanks for your reply. Need some guides/tips from you guys for a newbie like me :)



3 years ago

I use Neo-Pixel's myself. (WS2812)

Although I've never use FastLED it looks the same as the one from Adafruit. and both will only do certain types, just check the Specs first.


^This^ should get you started

As per changing the animations my best advice would be read the code over and over until you understand what each section is doing. Then just start playing around with the Variables from there. It's mostly just adding and subtracting one Value or another.


3 years ago

Test your self programming

1) turn on only one specific led red

2) turn on the one next led green

3) turn on the one next led blue

4) now shift them one led right or left

5) Speed up the shifting to give the appearance of motion

6) Change the colors to reflect direction and speed.


3 years ago

Just check the Arduino pages for PWM control of LED's ;)
One for each color and off you go.
You will need a suitable transistor between the LED's and Arduino though.