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Programmable fart machine like device? Answered

I am trying to figure out a method to create a remotely trigureable speaker play a Pewee Hermann laugh during my mythology class (the teacher there is deathly afraid of him for some odd reason). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? Many thanks.



8 years ago

You could get a cheap digital voice recorder and put the Peewee clip on that. Hack the case to acess the two connections for the play button, bringing them out to external wires. When shorted together, these wires will initiate the playback.

How the device can be triggered is wide open. Anything that will connect the two wires together will do. Two contacts that are closed by a door, or maybe a microswitch activated when a desk drawer is opened.

I take no responsibility if the teacher has a heart attack due to his phobia of Peewee.