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8 years ago

does anyone know the cmd prompt command for activiation of a command for more than one computer on a network? Also I have another question that I will ask after someone enters here and says something.(It is a question about a fork bomb.)


Reply 8 years ago

  ssh <username>@<host> <command>

If you have not created a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file for your account on all of the remote machines, you'll be prompted to enter your remote password for each host.

The command (including arguments or option flags), can be anything. The simplest example

  ssh <host> ls

will show you the contents of your own account's home directory on the remote host.

If the command needs special characters in the arguments, if it's a shell command, you may need to include quotes or escapes to ensure that special characters are not interpreted by your local shell. For example,

  ssh <host> 'echo "Hello, World"'

uses the single quotes to protect the whole command before sending it through. The echo statement will actually get executed in a shell on the remote host.

There is no build-in command-line for "broadcasting" commands to multiple hosts on a LAN. You could write your own TCP or socket-based executable to do that, but network administrators get extremely annoyed with broadcast IP, and will either kick you in the groin and then beat you unconscious, or shut down your account permanently for trying an idiotic stunt like that.

Prof. Pickle

6 years ago

My version of a fork bomb (I want to teach you all how to make an updated version of one)

for /l %%i (0,0,0,) do start

XD Have fun people.


8 years ago

Oooh fork bombs:D Processor hungry leeches though :\


8 years ago

What are you going to do with a DOS attack?


Reply 8 years ago

nothing, I was just going to make sure that I understood the concept. And I already got the answer from someone else. So you could just ignore that part, it was a dud anyway. ; )