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Hi friends
I am Sahir An Electrical Engineering student.
I want to make a project of controlling my room lights and fan via computer so that i can turn them off and on via computer and the status of on or off is also displayed on computer.I am confused how to start and from where.
Please Help me in achiving it..........thanks



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trike road poet
trike road poet

10 years ago

Check out http://www.x10.com/automation/computer_kits.html

They sell kits to do the automation, and you can buy them one at a time as you like.  I've used them for controlling outdoor lights and even allowing me to monitor a camera on the back of my garage, and the stuff works very well.  Its a good place to get started as you build your knowledge base on automation.

Good luck, its a fun way to connect your PC to life around you!