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Project Summaries Answered

It sure would be nice to have a summary form for each project on the first page detailing the category, a description of the project, a difficulty level rating, estimated cost, estimated time, etc. There's tons of cool projects on here but if they're too difficult or too complicated I don't want to spend the time to discover that on my own. Would be nice to know right from the get go. Also, it would be useful for searching to find easier and/or less expensive projects if desired. Additionally, users who complete the project could also put feedback in some type of survey to capture costs, time spent, difficulty, etc. Doing this would add a great deal of consistency to the instructable projects and I think would add a lot of value to this site! Peace, ~Will


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12 years ago

The intro step is designed to do this, although its left up to the instructable's author to write. There are cost & difficulty flags that one can set when xe's writing xis instructable, yet I don't think its made public at this point. (Probably because most instructables were written before this, and therefore won't fit in on the scale)