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Projection TV, all in one entertainment center Answered

I have been playing around with the idea of a rear projection TV as a full all in one entertainment center. As most know rear projection TV's are large and very hollow. My idea is to add a mini-ITX motherboard, a Hard drive, a webcam, 2 USB ports on the front, an IR reciever, and a multi-microphone array. I may also add IR emmiters for use with a will remote, audio ports for a surround sound system, Light sensors to adjust brightness. My TV also has a Memory Stick reader that i want to use for the computer instead.  The motherboard and HDD fit in the base just right with plenty of room to stack a few drives if needed. and there is plenty of room for other accessories if needed. There is a door on the front of the TV with an extra input, with space for USB Ports. The IR reciever for the TV I think should fit a second. If not I will use some sort of repeater to split the input between the 2. although the TV's remote may not be needed at all. The Micro ITX board I have been looking at has a mini PCI port with a laptop style WIFI card, I plan so get some of the antennas used with a laptop and mount them as close to the top as I can get them. and maybe add a bluetooth/wifi card as well. The camera will be an internal laptop camera mounted at the top. The light sensor will be mounted ether on the front or on the top. (I think front will be better.) The microphones will be mounted on top near the camera. One on ether side. Thats the easy stuff. The hard part I want is for the computer to turn the TV on and off with itself. This requires something that will look at the state of the TV. (using the power LED inputs) and close the power button for a second if it needs it. 



8 years ago

Doesn't the mostly hollow part of the projection TV need to remain unobstructed or unmodified so the optical path is intact for the TV to display a complete image? The slope on the back is a big mirror. I guess you could squeeze in more electronics where the rest of the TV components are.


Reply 8 years ago

I see where that would be misleading, My pictures wont upload. in the base there is a lot of extra space. The optics take about 1/3 and the electronics about 1/3. theres about a cubic foot worth of space next to the optic block. Then the large frame, although there is a lot there holding the screen there is enough free space for a webcam and some microphones. plus the speakers on the side. There is also a lot of space behind the mirror. Not that I will need it for anything.