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Projects for a broken Acoustic-electic Answered

took my ephiphone EJ to show at a party awhile ago. Drunk folks (with steel toed boots, apparently) were messing with it I guess and someone knocked it on the floor and put their foot through it. i took it to my local guitar store and they told me the repairs would probably cost more than the guitar and it would sound terrible anyway. the bracers inside are cracked and completely broken off in some places.

so i'm probably going to dismember it for parts. any ideas for projects? theres a little preamp, plus a saddle and a neck pickup inside.

ideally i would like to use the pickups to electrify my other acoustic, but it's sort of nice so i don't really want to go putting holes in it .maybe a soundhole pickup? i don't know a lot about pickups.

i'm open to other ideas, too. just so long as the pieces of her corpse go to good use.

she would've wanted it that way.


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7 years ago

Probably too late to respond but its an easy fix.


8 years ago

Slice off both sides and so you have a big rectangle and make it a box travel guitar.