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Propan-1-ol vs Propan-2-ol as laser lens-cleaning solvents? [Answered elsewhere] Answered

I was going to buy some propan-2-ol (isopropyl alcohol) to clean my laser cutter lenses.

Before I went and bought some, I found a small bottle of propan-1-ol (so, I'm a hoarder!).

I know they have different structures, and slightly different chemistries, but I can't find anything about their comparative properties as cleaning solvents.

Will the 1-ol do the job of cleaning laser-gunk off lenses and mirrors, will it do nothing, or will it damage them?

I'd rather gather your wisdom before I risk having to buy new optics...



2 years ago

I am not a chemist but thinking logically if you buy the right solvent then anything that happens will be under guarantee, if you use a different solvent then you may be on your own.

Iso prop isn't all that expensive.


Answer 2 years ago

It's OK, it turns out (according to a chemist I asked), the difference is that the 1-ol is a very slightly better solvent (something to do with the shape of the molecule delocalising something..?)