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Pros and cons car for camping. Suburban, truck, or wagon Answered

I have a 3 door 1971 suburban Custom. 350 small block i think Edelbrock headers (if anyone knows where to get a gasket that drops in, let me know. (-;) Edelbrock 4 barrel carb Posi rear end detroit lockers LSD front Barn door rear doors. And my brothers 91 ford ranger 4 cyl. 4 speed with overdrive RWD 2 1/2 seater no canopy An 87 camry wagon. FWD 4 cyl knocking engine. new clutch All of them have custom LOUD stereo's. There are 3 or 4 people going. Don't turn this into a ford vs chevy vs Toyota debate



10 years ago

I'd pick the Suburban. It's enclosed and will carry more. You could end up sleeping in it in a storm or somewhere you can't put up your tent. You can carry more people. The ranger is really just a two person truck for long trips. I've had two and loved them, but never carried more than one person or dog. THe other car has a knocking engine and I prefer my excitement to be the camping not the breakdowns on the road. Good luck.

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Answer 9 years ago

I agree. having one, they are large roomy (for a car) and totaly enclosed.