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Protecting You From the Boogyman Answered

Both my girlfriend and my sister are afraid of the dark. I've heard so many stories and them waking up in the middle of the night, hearts racing, and then checking under the bed before they run to the bathroom. Afterwards, they run back and literally jump into the bed and hide under the covers. While this is infinitely amusing for me, I'm sure it's not as fun for them. What could actually be really cool is if the iCreate could sleep near the bed and the wake up when motion is detected, turn on a light and then follow the person to the bathroom shining a beacon of safety/boogyman death ray. ;) It's actually not as innocuous as it sounds. To pull this off some of the classic problems in robotics would have to be solved including object tracking (probably using infrared), collision avoidance and coordinated movement all using the iCreate. If you think about it, the possible extensions are many... perhaps on command the iCreate could play a chosen melody to soothe you back to sleep; perhaps each person using the iCreate could have a different colored light to shine the way; and if you could do that, perhaps you could also mod it into party mode where it would shine a bunch of lights in a pattern while it played songs. Groovy. I'm really excited by the possibilities and ideas floating around as a result of this contest, so thank you iRobot for the opportunity, we're slowly getting there!


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