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Provisional copyright wording? Answered

I received an instructables message from someone wanting to use some of my pictures for articles in an Italian online newspaper. I think I was not the only person who has gotten this request.  This is a quote from the actual request--
"is it possible to take your images to publish for free, obviously citing the copyright and linking the website?"

Now, my inclination is to say yes BUT.  I want to make certain that they are not making money on my work and just getting it from me free. I also want to make certain that the pictures remain under my control, that I am not giving up my work but rather giving permission for it to be published elsewhere while still retaining all copyrights to it. What would be a good wording for accomplishing this?

Anyone else who has received this request might want to consider provisional permission also.  Ownership of your work is something you should keep the rights to.



4 years ago

I would say you can be happy they actually asked you.

In most cases they don't bother ;)

As long as the Instructable here is linked and you are credited in the article it would be ok.
Question is: Do they want to use just your images to provide their own version of the project or do they provide a translated version of your work?

With the later I would have no objections, the first however can be tricky.

And again: If they want to use your images for a similar project but provide credits and a link back here it could be considered legit too.

I think they did a job job with their reuest and I would inquire about the purpose but don't see too much problems with it.


Answer 4 years ago


(Sorry I missed ur PM, Just saw it today)

I was asked too and just said go for it. All mine are released under (by-nc-sa) And I made no other Copyright Exemptions. You may want to say, You are welcome to post any Pics to date.

I figured you could just rip them off anyway, With little in the way of recourse, and I was happy with the Share & Link.

If it becomes a Regular thing I`ll look a bit deeper into it


4 years ago

You might state that your work is licensed under CC NC (Creative Commons Non-Commercial.) There are a lot of choices for the specific type you use, and it should be free to get the copyright, In fact, I believe simply stating that it is protected in print is all that is required to have at least some degree of legal backing! If not, I think you can go to court or something and pay a small fee to make the copyright official. I do not remember the deets.



4 years ago

Something simple like "I am happy for you to use my work with proper attribution, but please note that I retain all copyright and ownership of the text and images."

Remember, though, that if you have used the default license for your instructables, they didn't have to ask at all, as long as they don't sell your material for profit. There are quite a few websites that automatically mine the content feeds of this site, and repost it on theirs.