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Proximity Sensor 1' - 25'; Bat Ears for a Blind Woman Answered

First of all, I'm a noob in electronics, so please explain your jargon as you would to a 3 year old. I am smart & learn quickly. So, I really want to make my blind 80 year-old grandmother a pair of bat ears. I bought her one of those sonic distance measureres from home-depot because of the barely audible tic they send out to bounce off wall/etc and record the time it takes the signal to return. You can hear the tic, and with your eyes closed.. you can kinda tell how far things are away from you just by listening. She loves it, and it just barely.. kinda works. What I"m shooting for is a single over-ear headphone (xbox-live communicator style) with some type of proximity sensor attached, sending a constant signal to the headphone... low for long distances, gradually higher for gradually closer distances. Any reasonable suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Mr Slippy Fist

11 years ago

The 25 ton trucks we use at work have similar(kinda)devices on the back for when your reverseing as you get nearer an obect, like a car or a lampost, the beeps in the cab get louder and faster, most of us have smashed them with a hammer though coz their fu$kin annoying.

sunethMr Slippy Fist

Reply 11 years ago

I am working on an instructable to create a similar device right now that could be adapted to this purpose. I will repost when it is complete.