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Prusa i3 newly build first 3d printer all together cant test print confused Answered

Hello all,
I recently just purchased my first 3d printer. I bought a Prusa i3 newest model here is the link -> http://www.ebay.com/itm/271714170595?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
It is this model
“LCD Screen Aurora Partilhada Model DIY Reprap Prusa I3 High Accuracy 3D printer”
I put everything together by watching the movie and looking at the wire diagram, I followed the movie and the wire setup. Everything is hooked up correctly. When I power on my 3d printer it turns on but when I try to do a test print it says it doesn’t say its preheating and only gets up to 21 degrees the bed and extruder I believe. But it is always at these temps it doesn’t start at 0 and work its way up.
So I am having issues getting the printer to run now.
I installed the filament as it showed but I cannot print anything to test and make sure it works.
What should I do?
I would love to print anything like a test piece just so I know my printer is working! Then I can continue to learn 3d Modeling and make anything that I can think of.



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6 years ago

What kind of hot end do you have? Is your thermistor and resistor wired correctly?

Also what software are you using to run your prints? I have a Prusa i3 and I use Pronterface. In this program you have to set what temperature you want to heat your hot end too and the preheat button is different than print. I'm not assuming this is the problem, but lets hope it is something that simple!


6 years ago

Your first printer?

Unless you put your printer n a freezer the temp will always start at your room temperature ;)

Do you have a seperate print head to test?

Did you check the connections from the heating element to the electronics with a multimeter, confirming the correct resistance?

Do you use the program supplied with the printer or a different software?

Did you set the printing temperature for your print???

Can you manually set a temp and start the extrusion?