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Ps3 Rapid fire? Answered

I was thinking of using a 555 timer to make my ps3 controller rapid fire, what do you think?


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7 years ago

I have contemplated this same mod. The biggest problem I saw was if it were used in an online multiplayer game. In most first person shooter games other players are able to go back and review past matches. I assume that moderators have even better capabilities. Let's say you are using a semi automatic rifle and firing more rapidly than humanly possible someone could catch on. Every move you make in a game is viewable by moderators, developers, other players, etc. There is a possibility you could be suspended or banned from the PSN if caught.


Answer 7 years ago

Just an update. Specifically speaking of COD: Black Ops II. It is entirely against the rules to use a modded controller. http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/11/10/black-ops-2-code-of-conduct-revealed/

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