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Public Address System build Project Answered

Salam and Greetings everyone, I am a university student and I need to build a good quality PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM using simple 3.5mm jacks for mic input and spkr output and giving output on 2 to 5 speakers and controlling the output to speakers through switches enabling individual use and all at once 

I would appreciate all help in form of advice, suggestions, links to websites and blogs, or text files videos anything...
Thank you everyone in advance....


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7 years ago

You should be able to find any number of 100 watt + power amplifiers from a Google search.

As A Student the research is an important pert of your project and you should not skip this stage.

Check on the specification of commercial systems to give you an idea of what your looking for.


Answer 7 years ago

A very good point.
Even as an active EE for 40 years I have to research components for new designs
as a regular part of my work.

Electronic components are always improving and the design of products with
greater efficiency and thereby less heat rejection which give a manufacturer
a competitive edge in the market.
An example would be the the forward voltage drop of the LT3086 regulator is
over a volt less then the ubiquitous LM317..
But there is a pricing difference..
And there is the military contract to consider too..