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Publishing Non-public Answered

Is there a way that I can do one of these two things
1. Publish my instructable so that others can see it, but can't find it on search (I want to send my in progress instructable to my friends to edit)
2. Allow another user to edit my instructable

Please Help!

<3 Buzz


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10 years ago

1. You can publish "private" I'bles, where you have to send the URL directly to the people you want to see it (it will never be featured, nor show up in recent, popular, or search results). Those other users would not be able to edit the I'ble, just view it. However, you need to have a paid membership to do this.

2. You can create a collaboration, specifying the user(s) who can edit your I'ble. You're the only one who can publish it. This is not require a paid membership. While editing your Instructable, look for the Collaborate tab.

It sounds like (2) is what you want.


Reply 10 years ago

Perfect. Thanks so much!