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Pulse width modulation dc motor speed control circuit please !!!!? Answered

Hi friends,

I need the circuit of pulse wave modulation speed control.

- The motor is PMDC motor.
- The input voltage is 12V
-  The battery used is a 12V lead acid battery which delivers a current of 35A
- Thus the power used would be around 400W (420W to be exact)

Please give me the circuit stable enough to withstand this high current....

Note: I also found this circuit. " http://www.eleinmec.com/article.asp?28 "

can this circiut withstand my requirements...

Thank u ......


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8 years ago

That exact circuit will work for you; but you need a MUCH beefier transistor, and this only provides forward motion. If you want pwm in positive and negative directions, you need pwm AND an H bridge.