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Purchasing a peltier unit and have a few questions about them Answered

I am planning on buying a peltier unit and have a few questions about it. This website gave me the idea so I figured I would ask here.

What I'm planning to buy, http://www.virtualvillage.com/158w-thermoelectric-cooler-peltier-plate/sku001540-003

I'm just going to list the questions and hope that someone is willing to answer,

1. I understand that these unit get very hot and very cold at the same time, from my knowledge (which is not much so correct me if I'm wrong) of electronics the cold isn't really much of an issue but the heat could cause problems. Do I need to run a heatsink maybe with a fan on the hot side to prevent damage to the unit?

2. It lists its' range as 0-15volts and 0-10amps I know overpowering a unit can cause damage to it, can under-powering non-mechanical electronics cause damage as well? Can you even under-power a peltier unit?

3. On the website it states "Temperature Range: -60C to 180C" is this the temperature range I can expect the unit to reach at 158W or is it the range in which the device will operate?

I would like to thank anyone in advance for taking the time to answer any of these questions.


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11 years ago

1. A heat sink and that is it if you want you can have a fan for a higher performance. 2.No 3. Email the owner ( But probably the heat and coldness)