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Push/Pull solenoid on a switch or a solenoid valve? Answered


I have an air supply and, thanks to iceng, a rapidly pulstating (variable speed) 12v Dc power.
I would like the air supply to allow through a set amount of air each time. I already have a mechanical switch that works perfectly, allowing the exact amount of air through, I need this air switch to be opening and closing as quickly as possible. Would I be better of using a push solenoid and setting it up with the switch or do you think I will obtain faster speeds using a dedicated solenoid valve?

I was looking a this solenoid. (or something like it http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solenoid-Push-Pull-Small-/321714577205?hash=item4ae7aedf35)
Though i am not sure about the valve version.

Any advice/recommended solenoid (valve or push-pull) would be very helpful.

4mm pipe (ext diameter) 2mm (int diameter)
6 bar
(preferably have the solenoids as small as possible)



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Best Answer 5 years ago

Depending on how fast you need it there is also the option of making your own as a dual way valve.
Basically you have a rod going through the air intake blocking it off.
The rod is thinne or woth a hole in the center but with longer rod ends.
Two solenoids work it, one on each end.
With every puch the hole passes through the airway letting a tiny amount through.
Except from the noise these system can reach very fast switching speeds.
I used similar parts salvaged from old painball guns, the trigger mechanism with the valve made it really easy.


5 years ago

Take a look for "Direct acting 2mm orifice solenoid valves" - you should be able to switch to at least 10Hz with one of them. There are hundreds available, on Ebay, amazon, or from your local compressed air tool supply house.