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Pushing that button Answered

Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of you lovely people can help me out here. I'm looking for a fairly simple/cheap thing to build that will press a button continuously on my keyboard (not a program, I need a real life presser ;) ) If the timing could be varied that'd be a plus!

Thanks for any ideas in advance, :D


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9 years ago

If it just needs to send the computer a signal that a certain key has been pressed, I would hack an old keyboard. Inside a keyboard is a small pcb containing the electronics that read the keys and send the necessary data to the PC to communicate the keypress. Locate the correct pins on the small pcb inside the keyboard that correspond to the switch you want pressed (the switches inside a keyboard are arranged in a matrix of rows and columns). An additional circuit is needed to connect those two points together briefly, to cause the keyboard electronics to register it as a keypress. Such a circuit is fairly simple to create.

If you use an old USB keyboard for the hack, you can still leave your normal keyboard in place and the two will not interfere with each other for the most part.

Search on "keyboard hack" on this site and elsewhere.

If for some reason this actually needs to be a mechanical finger like device, then the design is more complicated. A larger solenoid could be used to press the key, or a motorized device could be employed. You would need a way to keep it all mounted securly above the keyboard in the proper location to hit the button you want pressed.

Good Luck!


Reply 9 years ago

Thanks a lot, the keyboard hack should do the job :D