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Put a photo onto a ball? Answered

Hi, i"m new to Instructables,  and just learnt how to make a billiard ball in Paint.net. I have it rolling across my movie screen now.
I do  home movies in Power Director and these new tricks keep the movies interesting.

Now i would like to learn how to put a photo onto the ball instead of a number. Can anyone help me with this?


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9 years ago

I don't use either program but the principles are generally the same in other software. You'll need to import your image and size it to the ball. You might want to try and create some "perspective" on the image so that it isn't flat on the round surface of the ball. Make sure the image is on its own layer. (The photo may need to be converted to something like a symbol, but again, not sure about your program). Then starting at the first frame, introduce the image and create "key frames" along the animation sequence for the rotation of the image in respect to the balls movements. You should have some tools to allow for automated creation of the movements between key frames. Test the animation as you go along for the smoothest and most realistic results.

I hope that helps some. As I said I use other programs. You could always look for a specific forum on the software you're using, if you're unable to find specific help here.