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Putting a design on a metal plate/button. [Custom DDR mat] Answered

So I have a metal Dance Pad for the once popular dance games that plagued the world.

The buttons are like square plates made of metal. The top half is a chromed metal that is essentially hugging a wooden flat. Each button is about 11 inches x 11 inches- they're about two centimeters shy of 11. I believe they're about 10mm thick and they sit in the dance mat held down by the frame of it as well as metal washers in the corners. The back of each button has a bit of foam surrounding the sensor that is used to click down on the contact within the mat and register a button press so you can play the game. This is important because it can not be tampered with or the gameplay could be jeopardized.

What I want to do is put a skin, if you will, over each plate. There are nine in total. The middle one has no button and the back corners that have no button allocated are also useless. So these can be covered entirely. Now- I want to make a fully colored design to cover each and every plate. But I want them to still be able to fit in the system and be able to take hits by feet with socks or even shoes on. So what I am thinking is some sort of clear coating that I can place a printing beneath and just laminate the top part. I also want to color the bolts and washers whatever color the designs will be. But I have no idea how I should do this.

Any advice?


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8 years ago

The bolts and washers you should be able to sand, prime and paint with a good enamel spray paint. To get the parts powder-coated at an auto body shop would be overkill.

You can get custom vinyl sticker graphics printed up but that would be costly. You can spray glue on your printed graphics and cover with adhesive backed laminating sheets. Only problem is that they may be slippery and may need to be scuffed up to a matte finish which may obscure some of the graphics. A thin sheet of plexiglass would work too to encase the graphic but you may have to extend the bolts to accomodate the thickness. Or custom paint the panels. Good luck.