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Putting a mini jack in your car Answered

I have a 1991 Ford Explorer, i want to put in a mini jack so i can plug in any mp3 player to play music over the main sound system. Anyone have any tips on this?


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10 years ago

If you have a tape deck, you can get a converter that goes into the tape deck, and has a mini jack coming out the end.  If not, there is something similar that transmits over low end FM radio (most say they are for ipods, but are actually universal) The quality isn't great, but it gets the job done.
The easiest way to get a direct wired dedicated mini plug would be just to buy a new stereo - with the popularity of mp3 players these days, even cheap car stereos have them built in.

I'm sure you could take apart the existing stereo and find a way to solder in a wire before the amp.  I couldn't, but I'm sure you could.