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Putting together a video game design team. Answered

I'm looking for dedicated, creative, and active people who know their way around modeling, audio manipulation/creation, script and story writing and coding.

I will not be paying anybody anything up front. Every game/app we complete will be split per-purchase.

I'll be on Coding C#/Javascript
I need somebody that knows their way around blender (3d modeling)
I need somebody that can create sounds for us, the sounds don't need to be advanced by any means.
I need somebody that has a very story-telling(ish) mind. I need stories written and dialog and scripts.
I need somebody that can overlook the general development of the game and ensure that the overall goal is met and the content created is not stale.

So i need 4 more people to complete a 5-man(or woman) team for video game development. I'm -very- serious about this. This is not just a hobby for me. Let me know if you are interested. 


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4 years ago

I did win a state award for fiction writing, and could help out with the writing. Where can I get more information about it?


5 years ago

Folk might also want to know *where* you are (even if you all work remotely, time-zones will be an issue, and different countries have different employment laws), what the working environment will be, and how you will ensure remuneration is split fairly (ie what contracts will be drawn up?).