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Q: Others having difficulties about reading private messages in istructables profile page? Answered


I just wonder, is it just me.. Or is there some known, wider issues on istructables page, that prevents reading private messages?

I have tried couple days to read my messages, but when i click "Inbox", i end to the front page of the instructables, instead to my mail. :(




The other Finnish guy

2 months ago

Hi Sam.

I found another bug?
This page acts very differently between Chrome and Opera.

I edited my latest instructable more better.. But i can't see those changes with chrome at all. I have deleted the cookies etc.. but it still looks very differently. It shows only some of those fixes that i made. This happens if i am logged in.
On the picture left is Chrome, right Opera.

Its about this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/One-Hour-Bench-Gr...
Can you see eight steps on it?

seamsterThe other Finnish guy

Reply 2 months ago

I see the updated version in Chrome, currently. It likely just took some time for the updates to be reflected, probably due to the way the site caches the original data a faster page load. After logging out and back in, do you see the updates showing in Chrome yet?


Yep. I can see them now. Issue seems to be like you said.
Good to know, i have sometimes, re-edited my instructable because i have tought that something went wrong with the saving process.
Chrome seems to syncronize settings from the phone to pc browser too. If i turn on/off data saving from my mobile, it changes setting from the desktop version too.


2 months ago

Hi Tuomas,

This happens to me as well, and it's a known issue to the site's engineers related to page caching. For me, logging out and back in resolves it. Does that resolve it for you?

The other Finnish guyseamster

Reply 2 months ago

Yep. It seems to help, if i don't close the browser between unloggin and loggin back.
I usually don't save passwords to browser and keep myself unlogged. It didn't work if you we're already unlogged and logged in.

Thank you. Great that solution was that simple.