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Q: worn-down mtb cleats/pedals - welding fix? Answered

hi, the bike i brought from the u.s. over here to europe is falling apart (like me). latest issue: the cleats as well as the mtb-clips of the pedals are simply worn-out. i looked around online for new parts. that sh it is expensive. a friend of mine down in the valley has a welder... i am wondering if i can weld some seam back on (either cleats or fixtures, or both), and the file/ grind it into shape..... anybody doing that? thanks, yodler, from the mountains in spain.



18 days ago

Around here you have good chance at the local scrap metal dealers and council depots.
No big deal getting half decent pedals this way for dirt cheap.
As long as yours are steel then welding something on for grip is no big deal but be careful with the heat and the bearing or plstic parts.
If in doubt have a spray bottle with water at hand so a second person can keep the bearing cool during the welding.

la xerraDownunder35m

Reply 16 days ago

thanks, ... and looks like you live in waste-heaven... no such luck here... i am always telling folks that, while living in nyc in the past, you could drive around in the streets a few nights and pick up enough material to build some simple ´high-end´ shelter

ps, the other day i made some keys to open the bike-hubs, since all that stuff is special... got some steel-scrap from the local blacksmith and filed and dremeled those suckers... haha, turns out, after making some m13 wrenches for the front-wheel the back-wheel needs frig ging m15... so, back on the bike, nother trip down the valley...

Downunder35mla xerra

Reply 16 days ago

I know the feeling only too well.
Some years ago we stillhad kerbside collections of hard rubbish.
Two or three times a year you would be allowed on a set day to put all you don't need outside.
Sadly this went out of control thanks to professional scavangers filling the roads with their trucks and trailers "stealing" what was still of value somewhere.
Officially it ended due to health and safety concerns.

On a side note for tools:
You can get relatively cheap tool kits that cover everything on your bike.
From simple kits for just basic nuts and such to complete one that even allow you to work on the forks, hubs and spokes.
But what I really like to have around is a set really decent pliers for those jobs it makes no sense to buy an expensive tool or to make one.
Not meant as an advertising, just to show what I mean through a Youtube video I found.
The mother of all multi purpose pliers is the Knipex Cobra.
Since the patent ran out you find copies from other vendors but the basic principle is the same.
Have look how the look and work, then check if you can find really similar ones in a good tool shop near you or online.
Pay attention to the shape of the grip parts on the head - the make a big difference, not just the push button operation to set the size ;)

Combined with some thin aluminium strips these beasts can replace a lot of tools you might not even have ;)