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First off, theres probably a million questions you can ask yourself. you need to take this concept, ask yourself these questions, or ask yourself your own questions. Get a friend to write out your questions. You can Kinda rely on there Input of you as they see it. First, write your own quick questions then have a friend do it if you want to go that route. compare your questions and the question of your friend in trying to determine your future. If they dont match up in around 75 percent, drop the friend. there more than likely to bring you down. also, it might open your friends eyes to change if you just cut ties, if he/she is really a friend they'll jump on the bandwagon and try to make a real future for themselves. The Reason for the questions and noteboon is because, Most of you dont know what you really want or have given up on dreams because it was easy to give up on them. Most of you arent determined to actually work hard for your dream. If your not ready to realize who you are, then give up and leave. "This isnt about YOU its About ME." You say that as you leave, and its understood with clarity. Its about you making a decision. Its going to be hard to trully realize yourself, your ticks and perks, your passions, and what you hate because the mind is always conjective and supplies reasoning beyond means. you could say hey "I could be the messiah." Not that you are or arent, who am I to say your not what you believe. the thing is, your mind can, without doubt, create and make you in reasoning "The Messiah". thats whats good about the mind and bad about the mind. acceptability. The messiah died 2000 years ago. rose up, went to heaven and it says he's returning from heaven on a white horse. Not Bluejeans and brain notification at the last minute. You have to set and determine reality without passibility. Its time to realize who you are and what it is you need, crave, and expect for the future and quit getting in debt to your passibility and work hard to independantly supply yourself without ever using a credit card, without ever buying another car on credit, without ever buying anything on credit, you need to be active and in charge and quit allowing these crooks to screw you out of time for your own personal dream and accomplishment, quit dying daily and rise up and make the sheet hit the fan in there directions , and dont look back. First, the questions need to be in specific and not an entire self bible. you want to be able to know when someone asks you about your family, who your mother, father and grandparents are, how they excelled or didnt excel in life, and infact who you are. People respect someone who is aware. Question yourself on HERITAGE. Thats your first question, find out about your life, what health problems you have might not be a God blaming you as some say "He mustve really made god mad" because those people are stupid. It most liely is an Inherited illness that you need to know about, you need to listen to the signs man, because i believe in God, and I respect your way in your belief, but the signs are there. If your father died from a heartattact, more than likely, your going to have the same dna link to what will trigger it, or your son or daughter will. you need to get intocuh with heritage, humble yourself, curse yourself. get intouch, that should be your first pages. how predestined life will incure with your life. Make plans, and set forth action in your HERITAGE IMMEDIATELY. Tommorow will be a new category to question, so lets take steps to success.


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Ronald C. Kitchens
Ronald C. Kitchens

12 years ago

Okay, I know I siad I'd come back tommorow with a new question. Im Incapable of letting this information drain, so Lets continue further.

Keep in mind, all of this is being typed as it comes and I cant make it all perfect for you, i'd be losing the message as it's relayed so its just "open mic" at this time.

Heritage----- Find it, find clarity...repect it..come to terms with it... Make revisions to your own heritage by answering these questions,

1.how would you like to be remembered?

2. what are the possible whats that you could die?

3. how many years away could that possibility be?

4. How can I prolong possibilities?

5. What do I need in Health Coverage?

Answer these questions and then access your job's health coverage plans? are they pheasible? if not, then do some research, your health is an ultimate priorirty because your not needing a reason to wuss out of your dream and future.

Overcome it.

Next, lets figure some Debt, just figure how much you owe and how much your paying daily, weekly, monthly. any luxury that is truly not needed, reduce it, end it. take two luxury's away and tackle your debt with ferocity. pulverize the playing field. Make it a chess game and checkmate all the M'fers that are stealing from you. any interest rate with insurance and processing fees is outright theft and your own stupidity for letting it happen.

RULES TO LIVE BY, you have to make a list of these after you figure who,how and how much is being stolen from you.

when you go to pay these theives, take a card, and use the back of it to label a box. think of it as one less theft possible and a free label. pay them and let them know your not stupid. or atleast by taking the card, they can think your stupid.
when they ask you to renew, tell them flat out "No."
This is discouraging to them because your taking responsibility and it will make you feel really great inside. ITS LIKE, I DONT NEED YOUR MONEY, I MANGE MY OWN.

If you come responsible, you will defeat these wicked foes and you will no longer visit them.
when you receive there offers you'll just throw them in a box for kindling a fire in your fireplace.
One day, you will be paid to the crooks and the next month you'll be happy because you have relief, because you sougfht it foremost by passing up a few luxuries to make this income its true reality "MY MONEY". the cool thing about this, is, your going to pass up luxuries to suceeed, and find out that some of the luxuries you were paying for were false relief to you. They were a subsiding part of your contructive failure. You will one day stand out from the norm as an Independant. I have to go do some housework, but i'll be back and I hope you will respond with some intel and make this page even greater in help to Americans and friends just like you, we dont need a "Government bailout" we just need to stop the pork barrels and the hogs that ride them, we need to not be passive. make a stand and show Independace. Im going to, mostly Im writing this as a self guide to myself, but I wanted to make it known so you can create aswell, lets make this a way of information to excel. your contribution is hopefully sought and is expected to be free. Your change is free, my change is free, because you and I have the right to make it. It cost nothing to realize who you are.

see you soon,